Illustration Projet
Under design for mid-2024

Autonomous lockable anti-theft smartphone case
Allows you to protect and find your stolen phone even when it is switched off and several kilometers away.
Cpcdos OSx
AUGUST 2021 OS2.1 BetaBeta 1.5
Cpcdos OSx

simplified creation of operating systems on x86 architecture in an educational context.
Felly autonomous car software
In progress
Since december 2019
Felly Software

Retrofit autonomous car kit for everyone
Perception and decision software, and modular LiDARS, radars, sonar sensors.
Boitiers diagnostique CAN
In production for Jan.2024

Simplified diagnostic device + software for CAN electronic equipment for electric vehicles such as Bluecar, Citroën e-mehari, Bluesummer

Exemple : internal BATSCAP charger , LMP battery, PowerTrain
Boitiers diagnostique à distance
Under design for 2023 - Photo of an example for LocaH24
CDC - Connected Diagnostic Case

Remote VCI diagnostic device + software for all vehicles equipped with an ODB/ODB2 port
Prototype chargeur SPinti pour Bolloré
En conception pour Fin 2023-2024
SPinti charger

On-board charger prototype for Bolloré electric vehicles (Bluecar, Citroën e-mehari, Bluesummer)

Replacing obsolete BATSCAP chargers (BAT05)